I have just added a blog to discuss my HOLYLAND CD, as well as many other topics.
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It is with great sadness to report the death of friend and drummer Lance Carter. For more info on Lance Carter please check http://lancecarter411.blogspot.com

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Just when i tried to quit the bass buying business, Bob Shade of Hallmark Guitars pulled me back in. I just used my Swept Wing Bass on a recording session at the Barber Shop Studios in Lake Hopatcong, NJ.
It plays in perfect tune all over the neck,it's light, and so easy to play.Did i mention that it sounds awesome?In these days of bass guitars with 18 volt batteries and too many pickups, the Swept Wing is like a breath of fresh air.Many thanks to Bob Shade for resurrecting the Hallmark line, and helping me to become a Hallmark Artist.
Me in 1979 before a performance with my very first band COBRA
I have been raising my niece since 1993, and i am proud to say that she is now in the seventh grade, and made the honor roll for the first time.

Jess Oliver sent me this pic of him and Bassist TM Stevens from the NAMM Show this past

December 2003: Tony with jess oliver
Tony Senatore with Jess Oliver, inventor or the Ampeg B-15 Portaflex series bass amplifiers.

A close of of a custom bass pickup installed and designed by Jess Oliver for my 1950's Epiphone Upright Bass. It's not a bridge transducer, but an actual magnetic pickup .

First gig with the new setup.
Tony at work
Jess Oliver's Tolex covered roof.
The first day of tracking my debut CD. Van Romaine, Frank Fagnano and Tony Senatore.
Control room at Visonary Sound Studios.
Me with my Guitarron.
Live with New Jersey Guitarist Billy Hector.
Me with former Elton John Bassist Kenny Passarelli and with..
Snake Sabo of Skid Row.
Me with Carl Thompson.
Me with wrestling legend Captain Lou Albano.
Dann Glenn sent me this autographed Subharmonia poster.
Me with my Starfire bass.
Got a divorce, sold my house and bought some basses! Univox Mosrite, Vox Constellation, Ovation Magnum and a Paul Reed Smith.
My Carl Thompson 6 String modified by Andy Rothstein. View a complete pictorial here.
My Gibson EB-3 refinished by Andy Rothstein.
Original State of the bass. Notice many holes, dings and dents and the lovely "motor oil" style finish applied by the prior owner.. All hardware removed and ready for stripping After many hours or wood preparation, the body was primed. Finished in Gibson "gold top" gold, and clear coated with nitrocellulose lacquer. All hardware and electronics installed including new pots, knobs, switch, tuners and pickguard. Notice the new Gibson logo on the headstock. Another look!
Miscellaneous pictures: 1990-1995.
Me with wrestling superstar Andrew "The Reinforcer" Anderson.

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