GodSticks : http://godsticks.co.uk/
The great progressive band of my friend Jason Marsh.

Henriksen Amplifiers : http://www.jazzamp.com/
The website of my new combo, Henriksen Amps.I'm using the Henriksen Jazz 12, and it's fantastic.

Ron Bienstock: http://www.musicesq.com/
Ron Bienstock and his staff handle all my legal matters.

Matt Bissonette: http://www.mattbissonette.com/
The website of the great bassist Matt Bissonette.

Don Ellis: http://www.donellismusic.com
A fantastic website created by Sean Fenlon dedicated to the late, great Trumpeter Don Ellis.

DeathRiders: http://www.deathriders.net
The website of the new band featuring vocalist Neil Turbin.

Jack Frost: http://www.truemetal.org/jackfrost
A great rock and rock Guitarist that i've seen many times.. the website of Jack Frost.

Percy Jones: http://www.percyjones.net
The website of Bassist Percy Jones.Nobody plays like Percy. A true original.

Umphrey's McGee: http://www.umphreys.com
The website of a new favorite band of mine,Umphrey's McGee.

Benny Rietveld: http://www.bennyworld.com
Benny Rietveld has played bass with Miles Davis and Santana. His playing is nothing short of amazing.

Hallmark Guitars: http://www.hallmarkguitars.com
The website of the incredible new Swept Wing Bass, which I am endorsing.

Paul Adamy: http://www.pauladamy.com
The website of the consummate bassist and EPBB member Paul Adamy.

David Hood: http://www.hoodbass.com
The Website of the legendary bassist David Hood. He has been a huge influence , from my earliest days as a player to present day.

Chuck Rainey: http://www.chuckrainey.com
The website of the greatest..the first virtuoso of the electric bass, Mr. Chuck Rainey.

Lori-Kaye Miller: http://www.lorikayemiller.com
The Website of the incredible mezzo-soprano Lori Kaye Miller

Mike Dorio: http://www.mikedorio.com
One of the best guitarists i've ever worked with.We've kicked a lot of ass together over the years.

Gabe Dixon Band: http://www.gabedixonband.com
The website of a a new favorite band of mine, the Gabe Dixon Band.

Ed Palermo Big Band: http://www.palermobigband.com
The most incredible big band i have ever seen. Check out their latest CD this May!

Rusty Springfield: http://www.bassentials.com
Great online bass instruction from Rusty Springfield

John "Dawk" Stillwell: http://www.dawksound.com
The website of the innovative John "Dawk" Stillwell.

Manowar: http://www.manowar.com
The Kings of Heavy Metal.

Van Romaine : http://www.vanromaine.com
Drummer from Steve Morse Band and my Holyland CD.

Ken Dashow: http://www.dashow.com
The personal website of the multi talented Q104.3 DJ Ken Dashow.

Carl Radle: http://www.carlradle.com
The website of the late Bassist Carl Radle, one of my earliest(and biggest) influences.

Leo Lyons: http://www.leolyons.org
The website of the great Ten Years After Bassist Leo Lyons.

Mike Visceglia: http://www.mikevisceglia.com/
The website of Veteran NYC Bassist Mike Visceglia. He's been Suzanne Vega's bassist for over 20 years... If you should call his house and hear the phrase "arm candy" on his voice mail, he stole it from me.

Q104.3 Radio: http://www.q1043.com/
The website of the best radio station in NYC

GibblerRock: http://www.gibblerrock.com
The website of a great NJ band that is destined for great things.

Spiraling : http://www.spiraling.net
The website of my favorite new band Spiraling. Check them out

Gene McEwen: http://www.genemcewen.com
The website of the very talented Gene McEwen.

Pino Forastiere : http://www.forastiere.it/
I am very impressed by the innovative Guitar playing of Italy's Pino Forastiere. Check out his website, and his new CD.

Genya Ravan: http://www.genyaravan.com/
I am very fortunate to be the Bassist in this incredible band

Bird Song Guitars:http://www.birdsongguitars.com/
Check out the Cortobass-- a handmade short scale bass that's top quailty

Carl Thompson: http://www.ctbasses.com/
Please check out Cart Thompson Basses

Rothstein Guitars : http://www.guitar-mod.com/
In addition to being an accomplished player, Andrew Rothstein of Rothstein Guitars is my number one choice when I need to "pimp" my Basses

Bird Song Guitars:http://www.birdsongguitars.com/
Check out the Cortobass-- a handmade short scale bass that's top quailt

Elliot Sharp: http://w1.311.telia.com/~u31113551/
The website of the incomparable Elliot Sharp.

Steve Jankowski: http://www.stevejankowski.com/
Steve is one of the finest Trumpet players that i've had the pleasure of working with.

Andy West: http://www.xen.com
The website of Bassist Andy West.  From his days with the Dixie Dregs, to his involvement with Henry Kaiser and Zazen, Andy always plays music with an emphasis on creativity and art.  Articulate and astute, he's a real deep thinker, and a great guy.  Check out his awesome website today!

Frank Fagnano: http://www.frankdfagnano.com/
The website of the co producer of my upcoming CD.

Studio Mozart: http://www.studiomozart.com
An excellent studio that i just discovered. Highly recommended.

Russ Bonagura: http://www.russonline.com/
The Website of my favorite new artist Russ Bonagura. His debut CD entitled "Pieces" is amazing, and is available through his website.

Al Garcia: http://liraproductions.com/alfgar/
The website of Bassist, Guitarist, Composer and recording Artist Al Garcia

Gunter Nezhoda: http://www.gunternezhoda.com/
Excellent old school Bassist that has worked with Pat Travers and Leslie West

The Official Dann Glenn Website: www.dannglenn.com
Music from world renowned composer Dann Glenn. Dann's music has been praised the world over. Complex harmonic structures bathed in lush gardens of sound, often catching the listener off guard with unpredictable twists and turns. Dann Glenn's music ushers in the new millennium with a sense of joyful abandon.

Global Bass Magazine Online: www.globalbass.com
An online magazine featuring bassists, tab, notation, lessons, CDs, music and more for bass players and those who love them.

The Official Stephen Ross Website: www.stephenross.com
Here you will find the latest news on guitarists and the guitar community, a musician's sounding board, and the most current info on guitarist / composer Stephen Ross.

The Official Adam Nitti Website:  www.adamnitti.com
Adam Nitti, one of my new favorite bassists, is the frontman, writer, and producer for Adam Nitti & Liquid Blue, a contemporary electric jazz quartet. His debut CD release has won universal appeal from listeners in musical genres from classical, to jazz, to rock. Liquid Blue has opened for such acts as Acoustic Alchemy, Mike Stern, the Yellowjackets, Lou Rawls, and Joey Defrancesco.

Garrison Jazz Productions: www.garrisonjazz.com
The Official Matthew Garrison Website. This extensive website offering comes from the son of Jimmy Garrison, bassist for the legendary John Coltrane. Matthew's brilliant music career has placed him in the company of musical giants such as Joe Zawinal, Pat Methany, John Mclaughlin, John Scofield, Chaka Khan, and many many others. A simply amazing player!

The Official Felix Pappalardi Website: www.pappalardi.com
A website dedicated to preserving the memory of Felix Pappalardi, founding member and bassist of the rock group Mountain, and acclaimed record producer, most notably for the supergroup Cream. Their superb LINKS area can be found here: www.pappalardi.com/links.html

Bass Northwest: www.bassnw.com
The Worlds Largest Bass-Only Store. Bass Northwest is exclusively owned and operated by and for bass players only. The store features an extensive selection of bass gear, an online store tour, staff information, and a "Bass Fun Links" section filled with interesting bass player resources.

The Official BUMBLEFOOT Website: www.bumblefoot.com
The homepage of my friend Ron Thal`s website. Imazingly, Ron began studying music at the tender age of 6yrs. A 'spontaneous solo' won Ron the 'Sam Ash Best Guitarist' Award in '89, and Ron's career exploded, leading to recording contracts with Schrapnel and Legato Records, soundtrack development for SEGA videogames, and various production, engineering, and equipment endorsement deals.

Bass Players on the Internet:www.basssick.com/bplist.html
Hands down, one of the most complete listings of bass players on the internet.

Boulevard Production Specialists:

Project 814.com: www.project814.com
The web site of good friend bassist Jon Pomplin.

Dave on Bass.com: http://daveonbass.com

Basslinks.nl: basslinks.nl

Mary's Magnet: www.mp3.com/mmagnet or
My original band since 1994.

Jeff Ganz: http://www.jeffganz.com
The website of my good friend Ex- Johnny Winter bassist Jeff Ganz.  Jeff is one of finest, most versatile bassists playing today.

Snake River Conspiracy: http://www.snakeriverconspiracy.com/ Check this band out, you will be glad that you did..unless you like sissy music!

Dale Cruse: http://www.dalecruse.com
News by, for, and about Bass Players.