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I bought this because I am a big fan of Jack Bruce. Here`s an interesting story about this bass...

I had been looking for a Gibson EB-3 starting about 1980. Finally in 1987, I found one, reasonably priced at $300, sans case. I excitedly paid for the instrument, then a few days later, the transmission on my 1987 Cadillac Eldorado went and I was faced with a $1,500 repair bill. I was broke, so I was forced to return the bass. Fortunately, Mandolin Bros owner Stan Jay is a great guy, and he took the bass back, no questions asked, and refunded my money. 8 months later, I was back on my feet financially. I took a ride down to Mandolin Bros, and was excited to find the bass still for sale. The price was now $50 higher, but I gladly paid. EB-3 Basses are very hard to find. The people that bought them in the 60`s seem to hold on to them. The bass features a varitone, which yields four distinct sounds:

  • Sound ONE.. BAD
  • Sound TWO.. WORSE
  • Sound THREE..WORSE #2
  • Sound FOUR..The sound of 10 tons of Marshmallows falling off a 20 story building.