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This bass has a maple fingerboard, which is definitely rare. Most fretless P -BASSES had a rosewood fingerboard.

A critical factor in the great sound of this bass are the pickups. I bought them from my friend (and one of my favorite bassists) John Conte, who plays with the Crown Jewels. The pickups are custom DiMarzios, and they were made for Billy Sheehan. They might have actually been in Billy`s bass at one time. The pickups look exactly like stock P-BASS pickups, except there are no pole pieces. Under the pickup cover, there are about 12 slug-like magnets. These pickups have transformed my bass dramatically. The tone that I get with my fretless in the studio is a beautiful thing. My friend John hated these pickups, but you know what they say..."One man`s garbage is another man`s gold".

This bass is strung with heavy gauge Flatwounds..