in Manhattan on May 7th, 1962. My early childhood was spent in the Bronx, but my "Bronx Tale" ended when my family relocated to New Jersey in 1968. My father was a professional musician, and was touring the world with Tito Puente in the late 60`s to early 70`s.

My formal introduction to music was at age 5, when my father started teaching me the Trumpet, and music theory basics. It was at age five that I discovered that I had "perfect pitch", which has been a valued asset in my career. I continued my Trumpet studies until I was 16, when I fell in love with the bass guitar. I played first Trumpet in my school Concert Band, and Bass in the Jazz Band.

I started studying the Bass Guitar in 1977 with a local teacher by the name of Al Faraldi. He was a Jazz Guitarist that also played Classical Guitar. He taught fundamentals, not trickery or gimmicks. Reading, Bach Inventions, Partitas, and Cello suites, and all five Carol Kaye books were the core of his teaching, and are the core of MY teaching.

After 3 years of studying with Mr. Faraldi, I decided to get out into the real world and get some experience. I have made my entire living from music since 1980. I have done sessions at all the major New York studios, many of them under the direction of top engineer Jason Corsaro, who has produced and engineered for everyone from Soundgarden to Motorhead.

I have been featured in Mike Varney`s Spotlight column in Guitar Player Magazine in July 1987. I recorded for Mr. Varney as a sideman on the 1991 Shrapnel Release entitled Midnight Drive, by virtuoso guitarist Stephen Ross, with special guests Joe Nevolo on Drums(Greg Howe, Mahogany Rush)and Jens Johanssen(Yngwie Malmsteen, Ronnie James Dio) on Keyboards. Other publications that I have appeared in include Down Beat Magazine, and an article by Jay Lustig for the Aquarian.

Since 1993, I have been the bassist at Visionary Sound Studios. At Visionary, under the direction of producer/engineer Tom Gioia, i have been involved with a great deal of projects, including music for numerous soap operas, such as; Guiding Light (CBS), Another World (NBC), As the World Turns (CBS), and One Life to Live (ABC). I am glad to be a part of Visionary, and highly recommend them for all aspects of recording. You can find out more about Studio owner Tom Gioia and Visionary Sound Studios at

I have also performed on countless sessions for veteran producer/engineer Jason Corsaro(Soundgarden, Motorhead) as well as for Ben Elliot of Showplace Studios in Denville, New Jersey, and a six month stint with King/Mercury Recording artists DOGMA.

I have been involved with a New Jersey based band by the name of Mary`s Magnet. Along with guitarist Andy Rothstein, and drummer Lou Petto, we recorded our debut CD last year, which was co produced by Jim Barg.

I am available for serious projects of all kinds. Studio, live, or private instruction, with a special emphasis on developing perfect pitch.

Finally, I would like to thank Mike Varney for being the first to recognize my abilities, and Jay Lustig for the Aquarian article.

Contact information:
PO Box 606
Little Ferry, New Jersey 07643
Voice Mail: 201-906-6924
Pager: 201-462-9891