• Check out this review from Bass Player Magazine. Holyland made it to the esteemed "BP Recommends" list for March 2005. Click on the image below to see the full page from Bass Player Magazine.

BP Recommends DVD review from
December 2007 Edition of BP Magazine



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Holyland was mentioned in the June 2005 edition of Bass Guitar Magazine!


Check out this review from the April 2005 Edition of 20th Century Guitar Magazine (Click on the thumbnail to see the cover):


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                • Jon Pomplin- Declassified Music,
                • Here is a PDF file of the Jon Pomplin review.
                • Van Romaine was kind enough to mention HOLYLAND in the news section of his website as well as his discography section. His playing was the very heartbeat of HOLYLAND.The drum parts that he put down were completely his own. His tone and time impeccable, and it's all due to his amazing talent, not studio wizardry..

                  His incredible playing forced me to rise up to a higher level than ever before. The spirit of John Bonham is still alive and well, and living inside of Van.

                  Please visit his website at